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How to us chroma key in capcut?

Chroma key is a feature in Capcut that allows you to change the background of your video’s green or blue screen by removing it. In your video editing, you can use it to make fantastic effects and transitions. Here are some instructions for using Capcut’s chroma key:

1. Open Capcut and either start a new project or edit one that already exists.

2. Make the first layer on the timeline the video or image with the green or blue screen.

3. Select **Chroma Key** from the menu by tapping on the layer.

4.To remove the unwanted color from the layer, use the slider to change the chroma key effect’s intensity.

5. Add another video or image as the second layer on the timeline. This will be the new background for your first layer.

6. Adjust the position and size of the layers to create your desired effect.

7. You can also add filters, stickers, text, music and other elements to enhance your video.

When you are done, tap on Export to save your video.

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